27 June 2012

Patio Pots and Other News

It's been a very good season in the flower gardens. I have managed to keep most things alive so far, although with the current heat wave, it's taking a lot of water to keep the flowers from drooping. I've had to pay extra attention to the patio pots, as the wind and heat dry them out much more quickly than their in-ground counterparts. As such, I've noticed that all of my potted plants are growing very well this season, so I decided to document their progress.

This is how my table planter looked in early June:

And this how it looks now. Actually it looks quite a bit better than this photo suggests! I didn't catch many of the pink flowers in this picture.

 My patio pots looked like this just a few weeks ago:

And now they look like this:
 By the way, I'll be spray painting some of those faded-looking pots with a special paint made for plastic. But I'll probably wait until fall when I clean the pots out to tackle this project! 

This is one of the front step planters in late May:
This is how they look now:

I think I have a purple theme going (again) this year! All of my hanging baskets seem to contain purple flowers to one degree or another. Purple is a welcome change from the PINK flowers I've had in the past. I'm not a pink person!

 In other news, I've been busy working on several classes for Memory Bound, making kits and writing instructions. I have a fun mix of card classes and mini-album classes in the works right now.
Meanwhile, I've had a bit of a delay in the craft room/home office project as I'm waiting for new quarter round to be installed along the baseboard later this week. This unexpected delay has enabled me to sort through more stuff and to think through some of the issues I'm having with how to use the walk-in closet space. I expect to be able to start moving things back into the room late Friday, so look for some initial pictures of the floor then!

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Kristina said...

Everything looks great! I lost one container full of petunias...I think the teen missed it during watering. I can't believe how big my zucchini and squash plants are...they are humongous! Can't wait to see your finished craft room.