02 June 2012

Craft Room Progress

 I'm happy to report that there has been some noticeable progress in the craft room! The walls are completely painted and the switch plates are back on the walls. (That's a little thing, but it does make the room look more finished!)

I LOVE the color!

 Makes me think of caramel lattes. :)

 Lily also approves.

Now I'm in the process of picking flooring. 

 It looks like Lily picks THIS one. I'm not quite sure yet. It will be one of the three at the top of the photo. Once I make a decision (which will be in a couple of days), the flooring could be installed within two weeks!

Meanwhile, I've been sorting through the contents of the room, preparing for a garage sale at the store where I teach. When organizing a crafting space (or any space for that matter), you should only organize the stuff you use or want to keep -- NOT all the other stuff that somehow finds its way into a space. Where does all this stuff come from?

Once the flooring is in, several tasks remain:
* Paint the desk legs to match the room
* Spray paint a few small storage pieces
* Finalize plans for a tall work table -- this may entail building one. Stay tuned!
* Finish sorting through stuff
* Organize the closet
* Possibly remove the closet door and hang a "hippie curtain", as my daughter calls it :)
* Hang artwork -- including two awesome owl canvases she found at Target
* Coerce the daughter into sewing pillows for my loungy chair
* Determine floor plan and move back in!

Can't wait!


Heather said...

I love the paint color! Can't wait to see the finished floors!

Janet said...

Thanks, Heather! I picked out flooring yesterday and it will be installed in a couple of weeks. So excited! Stay tuned... :)