07 February 2011

Lily's Bigg Dai!

Hai guise! Mi hed iz SOO BIGG rite neow that it cannot fit throo da rales. Im feline kinda famuss!

Wanna no whyy???

Im so exsited becuz da nice peeps at Bell Outlet put mee on dare blog todai! Becuz i lernt to ring bellz for fuds and teeched miself to also ring a possum! Thx Bell Outlet!

Bell Outlet is far from mi howse but i wish i cud go dare sumtime. I can onlee imagyne how many bells i cud ring dare an how many fuds i cud git!

Hopefully other kittehs will see da blog post an also lern to ring bellz and trane der humans, too!

Luv, Lily


Linda said...

Congrats Lily! I am very impressed with your bell ringing skills!

Judy said...

Hey Lily, are you thinking of having some adult cat classes so YOU could teach others how to ring bells for food? My kitties would love to learn that trick.

Maureen said...

Congratulations Lily! What a smart kitty you are; but I don't think I'll be teaching my three cats to do this; I'd be hearing ringing all the time! Ha!

Red Hill General Store said...

Thanks so much for letting us feature you Lily! Keep up all the great work!