28 February 2011

Easter Tree

Last fall, I purchased a metal tree by Carolee's Creations at Memory Bound. It was intended to be used for Christmas but my plan was to make decorations for various seasons so that the tree could be used throughout the year. So far, I've decorated the tree for Halloween and Valentine's Day. Last week, I put together an Easter tree.

I've always loved vintage Easter cards so I decided to go with that kind of theme for my tree. With that in mind, I started looking for a set of eggs with the right kind of look -- not too bright and NO PINK, thank you very much.

I finally found a carton of 12 beautiful eggs at Pier One. While I was there, I also found some adorable porcelain bird ornaments which happened to match.

I replaced the birds' green and white ribbon with narrow cream satin ribbon. Then I attached the same satin ribbon to the eggs using a pin with a small round head and a bit of Glossy Accents glue to hold it in place. I let the pins/ribbon dry overnight, then the eggs were ready to hang on the tree.

Meanwhile, I found several vintage Easter card images on the internet. I chose a few to match the eggs and printed them on cream cardstock. There were plenty of vintage Easter cards to choose from, so of course I selected a few with kittens --as well as the more typical bunnies and chicks!

I re-sized the images in MS Word to fit these coasters from Memory Bound.

I purchased some vintage-looking paper at Memory Bound (these sheets are by Paper Loft) to put on the back of each coaster, then I cut all the pieces to fit. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink around the edges then adhered the pieces to the coasters.

Finally, I added a bit of tulle and clipped the coasters to the tree.

And here is the completed tree! It's hard to get a good picture of it but hopefully you'll get the idea. It's fun to create many different kinds of decorations and completely change the look of the tree for different seasons throughout the year.


Connie said...

Looks beautiful! Well, except for the birds . . . LOL! Just kidding! It's great!

Janet said...

lol Thanks, Connie! I should have removed the birds for these photos!!! :)

Maureen said...

Oh Janet! I love it!!! The way you created those ornaments is just perfect; they look so nice. Can you come decorate my home now? It's a blizzard outside and I could really use a touch of Spring ... anywhere! ;)

katie said...

I love it, Janet! Really like the look of the rabbits!

Fonda said...

This is adorable. And look at you Tim Holtzing! ;)

Kristina said...

Looks cute!