10 January 2009

Oh, deer!

Look who I found at Starbucks! At only $1.99 in the clearance section, how could I walk away from this little fella?

Because Spouse snapped this photo with his Blackberry, the colors are a bit washed out so you can't see his festive outfit. Starbucks the Deer has soft, brown corduroy sides, a green plaid tummy, and a cranberry red back.

Four of his brothers are still living in the clearance bin (along with a little red bird), and I just may go back tomorrow and get them all.


Kristina said...

He's SO cute! You MUST go get his brothers, you can't leave them alone like that!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

so adorable!

Janet said...

Kristina, that was my thought, too! How can I leave them behind? And how can I separate this little guy from his brothers? And of course I'll have to take the bird, too, otherwise it would feel bad... :-)

Gingerkitty - Maybe they have deer at your Starbucks?