20 July 2008

Random Musings on a Saturday

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It's been a long time since I've felt like posting a list of Random Musings. I still don't really feel like it, but I have collected a few that I thought I would share before I forget them. I figure that sometimes you have to "fake it 'til you make it", right? So without further set-up, here are a few random, uncollected thoughts and observations I've had in recent days.

* It became clear this morning that either Spouse or I am losing it when Daughter opened the sugar container at breakfast and found coins mixed in. Seems that the coin jar had been sitting next to the sugar jar, and one of us (I'm thinking it was HIM) misfired.

* Under the heading of Stupid Things Employees Say (note I did NOT say "stupid employees"), I was at a local home improvement store this week looking for new glass sconces to fit the chandelier we just purchased. The guy helping me asked, "OK, are those things called scrunchies?" Umm....no. Scrunchies go in your hair, sir. I've never seen a chandelier with scrunchies.

* I don't watch much TV, but this season I have been watching Design Star and The Next Food Network Star. First, Design Star: I'm terribly disappointed in this season. I LOVE David (the winner of season #1), and I'm having a hard time seeing how this season's contestants come anywhere close to his level of talent.

Second: The Next Food Network Star. I started watching this because it's usually on when I'm at the fitness place, and now I'm completely hooked. The competition is pretty intense, but (IMHO) none of the final three contestants has everything the judges are seeking. In the end, I think they'll have to choose the person whose weakest area can most easily be improved through training. Not sure yet who that should be.

* After watching both of these shows over the past few weeks, I've decided that I need to have my own cooking show on HGTV. It would be called Can This Dinner Be Saved?. Here's the premise: Well-intentioned, idealistic woman with an appreciation of fine French food failed to pay any attention while her mother tried to domesticate her and now lacks basic culinary skills (although she really did take a cooking class in Paris). And even if she could cook it, her dysfunctional family wouldn't eat it.
The Food Network producers really should talk to me. Filming could start just about any day.

* Similarly, I really should also have my own decorating show on HGTV. This show would be called, What's Wrong with this Room? and would feature my numerous decorating fumbles and sometimes misguided attempts to correct them. I have enough material to go for several seasons without re-runs. :-)

* I have discovered that when adjusting a font size up or down, I must keep the size on an even number. Twenty-five is NOT OK. Twenty-four is fine.

* Never having discussed this with Daughter, she revealed to me last week that when adjusting the volume on the TV, only certain volume settings are OK with her. Put the volume on "11" and she can't handle it. It must immediately be changed to an acceptable number.

* I'm sure there is a diagnosis for the above two items. I'm not sure that I want to know what it is.

* I've posted warnings about not ironing clothing while you're actually wearing it. Now here's an additional warning, also related to hot appliances: You know the little metal stand that curling irons have? Do not attempt to close that stand by pressing it against your body. You see, I have apparently developed a little habit of folding up the stand (when ready to use the curling iron) by knocking it up against my shoulder. I never realized I was doing this until the day I happened to be wearing a sleeveless shirt. Hopefully by next summer the scar will lighten. :-)

* Why do they design houses where guests enter through the laundry room? Sure, we have a front door, but often times people come in through the garage, which means walking right through the laundry room where wet items of clothing (like ratty old pajamas) are likely hanging.

* Speaking of stupid laundry room designs, I cannot tell you how many times my head has been shut in the dryer door. I finally took a picture of this so that I could garner some sympathy. As you can see by the photo, the garage/laundry room door is right next to the dryer door. It never fails: I'm stooped over with my head in to the dryer pulling out things and someone (usually--no, ALWAYS--Spouse), opens the laundry room door. It hits the dryer door and slams it shut onto my head. (Well, not completely shut, but you get the idea.)
* You're probably thinking that this explains a lot of my issues, aren't you? :-)


"Daughter", or so I have been designated said...

I have a random musing to add to the compilation:
-Even if you stand over a hot fire for two hours stirring stew, it WILL NOT boil if said fire is not high enough. Said fire will still burn your legs, though.

Chanel said...

OH.MY.GOSH. I have to comment because...I have never found anyone else with odd numbers issues! I too, have problems with odd numbers (5 being the exception). I was so worried when we bought our first home a couple of months ago because our number address is 519. It ends in 9, people! But as I was distressing over this I realized that if I add 5+1+9 = 15. And 1+5 = 6! So, it's sort of okay. I called my mom to inform her that our address was acceptable now and she couldn't stop laughing. I'm not really sure I would want this diagnosed either but I will mention that I have an aunt with diagnosed OCD.

jill said...

I love your random musings. They never fail to make me laugh. The curling iron...that is hilarious! I don't want you to think I'm a heartless blogger so I must point out the act is hilarious but not your pain :)

Sharon said...

I would like to add a Sat. musing on a Sunday: one should NOT touch the grill basket that has just come off the grill with one's bare hands...not that this would ever happen at this house.

Shirley Fyfe said...

I just loved reading your random musings . . . thanks also for the lovely comments you recently left on my blog too!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yay! I'm subscribed now!

And I'll have to keep that head squished in the dryer thing in mind - planning on moving soon and I wouldn't want my head squished!

I'm thinking I could have done that sconces/scrunchies mix up...it's all the same thing, right?!?!? :-) :-) :-)

Cheri said...

Well...better jammies than undergarments!!;) And OUCH to the head in the dryer problem! Can't wait to see the new chandelier. I tried to convince DH to replace the one in our 2-story entryway when all the bulbs eventually burned out, but alas, my dad came with the humongous ladder and helped replace the bulbs. Darnit, no one filled him in on my plan!!