29 July 2008

Next project: Replace the chandelier

Get ready for our next big re-decorating project. This one may end up being our most challenging yet! We're taking down this shiny gold, too-small-for-the-space chandelier in our two-story entryway and replacing it with a larger bronze fixture.

Most people in their right minds would hire this job done, but not us! The estimate for that was $250+, way more than we were willing to pay. For the modest sum of $25, we rented this fine two-level scaffold and Spouse will hang it for free!

My dad picked up the scaffold at the rental place for us, then somehow he and I set it all up. (Yes, it was very heavy lifting those braces over our heads!)

This is the new chandelier, still in the box. I'm under strict orders not to unpack it yet, but I cannot wait much longer! Instead of the current six lights, this one has two levels with nine lights, so it should be much brighter and have a much bigger visual impact. We purchased amber sconces to replace the white ones which came with the light.
Meanwhile, the kitties have been testing the scaffold for strength. It seems to meet with their approval, and they're enjoying the view.

Yes, Lily...it's a LONG way down!

Stay tuned this week for more on the hanging of the chandelier


:: gingerkitty :: said...

your cats are so amazing!

love them

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Cheryl said...

Do you have gold fixtures all through your house? Are you replacing all of them? I want to do the same but don't know what to do about all of the gold door knobs, hinges, etc. that we have now and how to deal with changing them.

I'd love to hear your plans to update your lovely home!


Heather said...

How exciting! I was waiting to read that you were intending to spray paint it!!Good luck! I hope it all goes well!

Janet said...

Gingerkitty-Yes, I think you're right! LOL They are in the middle of everything. :-)

Cheryl-We are replacing the main light fixtures and switchplates in the "public" rooms. We also replaced all the hardware in the kitchen and main floor bath. We haven't done our upstairs bathrooms yet...that's a huge undertaking which we are not ready for yet. We also haven't worried yet about the doorknobs and hinges. Ideally they would all be replaced at some point, but we haven't thought through that yet. It would be quite expensive! Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my blog!

Heather-I considered spray painting the chandelier, but I don't think spray painting would have saved it! I've never liked the thing since the day we moved in. Plus it was too small for the space so it had to go! lol

toners said...

Yikes! Your babies are so brave :)