25 July 2008

Dining room...check!

After spray painting the floor lamp, I decided to purchase a new lampshade in a simpler style. We wanted one without pleats (which collect dust and block light) and in a less traditional style. After bringing home two from Target which didn't fit, I went to a real lamp place and bought the one below.

Although the lighting is not good in the picture below, the tan/goldish color and texture of the lampshade work really well in the dining room.

Now I THINK the dining room is really, truly DONE.

I'm completely in my task-master mode. Next on the list: Hang the new chandelier in the entryway.
After learning that it would cost $250+ to have it professionally installed, Spouse thinks he is up for it. Now this may be our most challenging re-decorating task yet, as it will involve setting up a two-story scaffold. But not to worry...we have a good disability insurance policy! Look for this story in the next couple of weeks.


Sarah C. said...

Oh my. Definitely update on the chandelier.

Maureen said...

Wow. Your place is beautiful Janet.

Cheri said...

Love the new lamp and shade! You are the decorating MASTER this year!:) Definitely worth your own show on HGTV, I tell you.

And if your spouse gets cold feet, you can always hire my dad...remember my 2-story entryway story from another comment? I think I told that here...

Janet said...

Sarah - Stay tuned! There will be pictures! lol

Maureen - Thank you! I'm FINALLY happy with the dining room. I know that not everybody would like the green but it works for us!

Cheri - Thanks! I am really working on this but it is taking FOREVER! Spouse tends to drag his little feet occasionally. lol Hopefully I can get him up on the scaffold soon! I surely don't want to have your dad come and change my lightbulbs on the old one!! lol

Heather said...

Oh, I wish you could come to my house and redecorate! Or repurpose. I'd let you spray paint whatever you wanted! I put up a new light fixture in our dining room when we moved in. (I wouldn't call it a chandelier) Hubby picked it out and I put it up. With a little help from my contractor uncle! But NOT from hubby!