24 March 2007

Pass-Along Poem

A few weeks ago in the midst of some really nasty winter weather, two of my online buddies (Sharon and Connie) and I wrote this little poem. We passed it back and forth via e-mail, adding a verse or two. I'm calling it a pass-along poem. It was very fun and would be great to use on a page. Try making up a pass-along poem with some of your online friends!

Snow blows sideways, wind is roaring
Just as loud as husband's snoring.
I can't see across the street
Snow and gusty wind and sleet.

Can't get in and can't get out
nothing left to do but sit home and pout.
But I won't cry and I won't frown
I'll just put on my purple nightgown

(this is a reference to my sadly ripped, but awesomely comfortable, pajamas)

So while the winds whip and rage
I'll work on another scrapbook page
And chat with friends across the miles
Because they always bring me smiles.

Let's all laugh, let's all cheer
for Springtime is almost here.


Maureen said...

I like that pass-along poem. Great job ladies

Colleen said...

What a fun idea! Love it!