20 March 2007

Cards for Kids & Grandkids

I finished another couple of class projects this week. For this particular class, we'll make 12 cards suitable for giving to kids and decorate a tin as well. I'm having students choose their own papers for the tin and divider cards so that they can match the tin to their decor if desired.

Also pictured are the six cards we'll make for boys. I used the Three Bugs in a Rug Spicy line along with paper from Making Memories. In addition, I used dingbats printed in brown for the artwork on the cards (this is the dingbat font). This worked really well and gave me a lot of design flexibility. The six cards for girls are similar but are made with the Three Bugs Tickled Pink line.

This should be a very fun, fast-paced class. I'm excited to teach card classes again this quarter. It's been too long!

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