13 March 2007

End of the Season

This past weekend marked the end of the competitive season for jazz band and show choir. The dress is in the garment bag, the jazz charts are packed away, and the foam rollers are boxed up until next year. Although the past three months have been crazy, with at least one competition every weekend, I have to say that I'm sad that the season is over.

Both of DD's groups have had a great season: Her jazz band competed three times, placing first at two events and second at the other. She progressed in her drum set skills, taking on a couple of complex Latin tunes, and she gained confidence in her improvisation skills on vibes as well, earning citations on three occasions for outstanding soloist. The show choir competed four times, earning two first place and two second place finishes, once against older varsity choirs.

Here are some things I will remember about the season:
* It takes 36 foam rollers and at least 10 hours of "set" time to achieve that "show choir look".
* DD can execute a complete costume change in less than 10 seconds. This does NOT mean that she can get dressed quickly in the morning.
* If your pants start to fall down in the middle of the performance, leave the stage immediately. Do not attempt to hold up your pants with one hand while dancing.
* Never underestimate the power of Mountain Dew. Or aerosol hair spray.
* Show choir is a slightly insane competitive sport. Jazz band is competitive, but not a sport.
* Band geeks make the best friends.
* Some moms cry at show choir competitions.
* You are plenty strong enough to carry your own equipment, but it's nice to have some help once in awhile.
Competition is fierce. If you're not committed, get out of the way.
* Convertible tights are a great invention.
* All of those 7am morning practices paid off.
* "My Funny Valentine" may be boring for the drummer, but it's a beautiful tune.
* Some moms cry during "My Funny Valentine."
* You're good enough to hold your own against older kids. Don't forget that.
* Some show choir parents are rabidly competitive. Do not sit next to them.

* Bleachers get really hard after a few hours.
* You will never get good pictures unless you invest in a fast-action digital camera. Quit trying and just buy the professional ones. It's only money.
* Kids grow and change exponentially during competition season.
* These years are the very, very best of times.

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Connie said...

Cogratulations on a great season! And what in the world are convertible tights?