20 November 2006

Sharon's Great Idea!

Remember awhile back when I posted the photo of the cardstock I had cut into pieces for layout planning? My good friend and fellow scrapbooker, Sharon, suggested I cut the pieces out of quilter's templates instead of cardstock.

Quilter's what?

Being sewing impaired, I had no clue what language Sharon must be speaking. She told me where to find them and how to recognize them: clear sheets of plastic that can be cut. No sewing involved, but I must visit a fabric store.

Well, over the weekend I ventured into JoAnn's. I'm totally fine in the craft section, but I never go to The Other Side of The Store where the fabric is. It's dangerously unfamiliar territory and takes me back to my junior high days with The Evil Home Economics Teacher. Anyway, I actually found the quilter's templates without having to ask anyone for help and, to my delight, some were even printed with 1-inch grids! I snapped up a couple of them, and, feeling rather domestic, headed to the check-out lane. (I'll bet the sales clerk thinks I'm a quilter! I thought smugly.)

At home, I quickly cut the 12x18" templates to replace my cardstock pieces. Look how cool they are!
I used the Crop-A-Dile to make a hole and joined them with a metal ring. Now I'm all set for layout planning and sketch creation!

If not for my clever friend, Sharon, I never would have known about quilter's templates or ventured to The Other Side of The Store. This is a real improvement to my original idea, since you can place them right over your photos and see through them. They are durable and will no doubt last longer than I will!

So thank you, Sharon, for the awesome suggestion! Just don't get any crazy ideas about fleece.


Connie said...

That Sharon. You just never know when she's going to come up with some bit of wisdom to make our lives easier. What would we do without her?

Sofia said...

Very clever idea. Good for you for being so brave. ;-) I'm totally sewing impaired too and avoid THAT AREA of the store too.

Sharon said...

Aw,shucks,my friends...it was just a little thing that I picked up while stumbling through LIFE. I'm happy that I could contribute. No ideas for fleece,but I will let you know Janet if an idea comes to me.

Sabrina said...

Hi, I'm Connie's friend in TN and she shared your blog with us. Great projects! Well, I was looking back through your older entries when I found this one. This is a great idea! I know what I'll use my next 40% off coupon on now.