01 November 2006


My spouse and I had lunch last Friday in a lovely restaurant I had never visited before, one of those places where the menu changes weekly based on what's in season. Where each dish is a creation of a chef with a passion for thoughtfully and artistically prepared food. Given that I usually have
Ramen noodles for lunch, this was a real treat. Even better, the restaurant is actually in our neighborhood, within walking distance of our house. It was a beautiful fall day. We looked forward to the weekend. As I sat there, I thought about how lucky I am on so many levels.

Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe it's a result of circumstances in the world or in my own life. It doesn't really matter why, but I've been feeling particularly grateful lately. Grateful for the basic things that not everyone in the world can enjoy. Grateful for the opportunity to write and create. Grateful for people who are in my life.

Yet in spite of all of the blessings in my life, I often forget to be grateful. Sometimes I get discouraged and overlook or discount the good things that surround me everyday. So after I came home from lunch on Friday, I sat down and wrote. Out of those words, I created a little book as a reminder to be grateful for the big things and the little things that make my life good. Just a little something to pick up and read on days when I'm not feeling so good. A reminder to be grateful.

words to write
things to create
coffee to sip
books to read
flowers to grow
food to eat
kitties to hold
places to travel
music to play
everything to learn
family to love
daughter to raise
dreams to chase
life to live
God to thank


Sow said...

Ramen noodles for lunch? Some things never change.

Sharon said...

You need to go for lunch more. Did you actually create that book in an afternoon? Janet, I'm grateful every day that you are one of my friends and you are an awesome teacher.