02 November 2006

Right Now: Studio Stuff

My family very facetiously calls my scrapbooking space a studio. It's actually a corner of our home office. Well, maybe two corners. It's most definitely NOT the awesome space I'd like to have one day. While it's organized, it's not terribly functional, and most of the stuff I have is mismatched. I don't have much table space. As a result of that, and just because I find it comfortable, I tend to work on the floor. Nonetheless, I manage to get stuff done here, and just calling it my "studio" somehow gives it a bit more elegance.

Right now, in my "studio", there are several things happening:
* Working on class projects for first quarter, 2007
* Organizing and planning several additional projects for the store
* Finishing up some freelance stuff
* Writing an article for a retail trade magazine
* Playing with my little tin of chips: I love the round and oval Bazzill Chips and the scalloped Technique Tuesday chips. They're great for all kinds of projects.
* Loving my Bazzill Swatch Box. This helps me with product numbers when writing instructions and preparing lists of products to order for classes.
*Also totally happy with my Crop-A-Dile, which is the most incredible tool for making holes. Love it for mini books.

Oh, and dinner is actually in the crock pot. To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but for me (who is domestically challenged), it's a sure sign of a pretty productive day.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Your "studio" is much more organized than my entire room. There is much to be said for small spaces.I did more scrapping when there was just a table, a chair and a few tools. The Swatch Box is the best. Love it.