13 November 2006

Corporate Pickle Policy?

Over the weekend, we ran out to a local sub place for a quick dinner. On the drive there, I was telling my husband about a pickle incident that had occurred the last time I had been there with my daughter. I had ordered a tuna sub and asked if I could have pickles.

"You can't have pickles, but you can have A pickle," responded the girl behind the register.

So one of those huge deli pickles came with my sandwich. Now, I love deli pickles, but they're kind of hard to fit onto a sub sandwich. I wanted pickle slices. No big deal, but I thought the way she phrased it was kind of odd.

Now, DH and I are always on the lookout for really good customer service, something that seems harder and harder to find these days. We decided I should try it again, just to see what might happen. So I ordered the same tuna sub and asked if I could get pickles.

"We don't have pickle slices. We only have whole pickles," says the guy behind the counter.

"OK, would you be able to cut it into slices for me?"

"No, ma'am. We can only cut spears."

"You can't cut slices?"


Husband chimes in, somewhat incredulous: "Your knife can't cut slices?"


"Why not?"

"Corporate policy."

"You mean you have a corporate policy on pickles?"


I smile pleasantly. "Then could I have a plastic knife, please, so I can cut up the pickle?"

"We don't have plastic knives."

Alrighty then.

Now I will admit that I learned that deli pickle spears actually do fit on tuna sub sandwiches. You just have to open your mouth really wide.

But a corporate pickle policy? That's much harder for me to swallow.


Connie said...

Ok, I just about had coffee shoot through my nose when I read this. You've made my day! Next time you need to take your own pickle slices and ask them to put them on the sandwich for you. They probably have a policy regarding that, too.

Sofia said...

LOL! That's crazy!

Sharon said...

Okay, now that I'm done laughing, what is the name of the sub place? I want to avoid it as I like slices also. That is too funny.