07 November 2006

Good Things

Today I'm taking a cue from Martha Stewart's Good Things. I have lots of Good Things in my life. A few that come to mind this Tuesday morning:

1) New mattress: It is SO comfy. It feels like a real bed! Woke up with just the tiniest of backaches, which is such an improvement. A Very Good Thing!

2) Vertical storage: OK, I'm late converting to this. Over the weekend, I threw in the towel on my previous cardstock and paper storage system and decided to convert to vertical. I actually don't have a huge amount to store so was concerned it would get bent, but I think it's going to work out fine. Also a Good Thing!

3) Wide-format printer: Love my Canon i9900! I've had it for almost a year now and wish I would have bought it long ago. It prints beautifully on all kinds of cardstock. Photos look as good as the ones I get from the developer. A Very Good Thing!

4) Inspiration Index: In the past, I've used post-it notes or dog-eared pages of my magazines to mark layout ideas I'd like to try. (I can't bring myself to cut out the ideas I like.) But do I ever remember to go back to those dog-eared pages? NO! This month I started making a list (like an index) of things I like (design ideas, color combinations, techniques) as I go through magazines. Simple format: Magazine title, date, page, and description. When I'm ready to work, I pull out my index. I find that I'm getting more use from my magazines and idea books this way. I realize that lots of people are probably already doing something similar, so maybe this one should be called a "DUH!" Thing!

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Sharon said...

It's good to hear that you slept well on your new mattress. I thought about you when I crawled into my bed last night. I keep pulling ideas from idea books and putting them in binders with tabs. However, I never go back to them, so I don't know why I put in the time of organizing them. I'm going to try your index idea. It will save time and energy.