12 June 2006

Meet Lily

After a week of living at our house, baby kitten finally has a name: Lily. She has a middle name, too, but I can't pronounce it or spell it. All I know is that both names come from the Harry Potter series. Lily is the name of Harry's mother.

In the few days she has been with us, she has been a total delight. Here are some observations about Lily (who just turned 2 months old, by the way):

* She is not as innocent as this picture may imply. She has a wild side. One might even say a fearless side. She is not in the least afraid of our big cat, Tinsel.
* She purrs when she is sleepy. Not a meek little purr, but a purr you can hear across the room. She wants to be wrapped in a blanket for her naps and held on your lap, if you can possibly spare the time.
* She has a voracious appetite. She even ate some of Tinsel's food, which required considerable crunching.
* She is part goat. She eats anything she finds on the floor, and she tries to mooch all kinds of people food. Things I've found in her mouth this week include: a pink brad, a paper clip, a ball of thread, a Girl Scout cookie, a Garden Salsa Sun Chip, and popcorn, to name a few. Not that all of these things can be found on our floor...
* She is getting faster and faster. Up and down the furniture. Velcro must be on her paws. Jumping, leaping, measuring, flying through the air.
* She's part of our family. In just a few short days, she's worked her way into our hearts.


Sharon said...

Just like a toddler...instead of counting her achievements by the month you count them by the days.

Lily, you have captured more than just your parents hearts. You have an extended family you love to hear of your antics and to see your pictures.

Kristy said...

Great photo. I have a bottle fed Kitten like that. Great blog!

Nanner said...

What a CUTE kitten! I am a huge cat lover and have 3 of my own. I love the name of your blog!

Maureen said...

Oh, sweeeet! Is her middle name Hermione (pronounced "Herminey"?) ... that's Harry's friend's name so I thought it might be that one. Such a cutie - keep those kitten pics coming!

BonnieRose said...

such an adorable kitty. love it! gorgeous pic!!!!!

The Smart One said...

People need to be awae that the preferred name is "Greta" so that the two cats are known as "Tinsel and Greta" Familiar ring?
And yet, she remains... just another cat. But so far hypoallergenic.