19 June 2006

15 Days of Lily

I am so excited that, thanks to a fellow Pea, I have learned how to create these cool collages using Picasa! I hope that Picasa is going to simplify our system for organizing digital photos. We're in the process of transitioning from film to digital and still haven't quite figured out how best to set things up.

One of the cool features of Picasa is the ability to make photo collages. Of course, I just happen to have 15 days of Lily photos to work with. I can think of all kinds of uses for this feature!

You'll notice in the very last photo that Lily and Tinsel appear to be napping together. I've arranged this twice, and it has lasted for a short period of time, until Tinsel wakes up and begins her hissing and growling fit. It's so sweet how Miss Lily imitates Tinsel's position on the bed. I'm sure in just a matter of *a-hem* no time at all, they'll be the best of friends.

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Janet's DD said...

Those are the cutest pics of her - and I love the one in the middle and the one in the middle of the top row....

Sharon said...

I love them all. She is the cutest little kitten. Keep the pics and news of Miss Lily coming.