13 June 2006

Working Hard

I've been trying to catch up on some projects today: Working on a wedding program for a friend's daughter, finishing a mini-album project for the store (pictured here), creating a passport for 250 kids to make at our church Bible school next month, cleaning up from our garage sale over the weekend, etc. I dropped off cardstock at the local office supply store to have it cut for the passports. I'm hoping this works well. If so, I may use their services for my classes at the store. It doesn't cost much at all and would save me time, plus wear and tear on my hands and trimmer.

I'm trying to post this with Lily stretched out on my lap, belly in the air, sound asleep. I heard a strange noise a few minutes ago and realized she is almost snoring. Occasionally her little white feet twitch and her nose quivers. I'm sure she is dreaming about chasing Tinsel. Wish I could take a picture of her, but I can't get up to get the camera!

Just like Tinsel, Miss Lily likes to vary her napping spots. I found her a couple of days ago sleeping in the in/out box on our desk. I guess she is definitely in the "out" box.
Well, at least one of us is working hard, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Cute little fur baby! I love cats. The mini album looks great.

Sharon said...

Love the mini album, Janet. What class is it? Lily looks quite comfortable. She is a sweetheart.