27 June 2006

Today's Two Peas Challenge

Today's Two Peas blogger challenge: If money were not an object, what would be on your scrapbook wish list?

Hmmm...anyone who knows me can see that I'm not really a product person. I'd be quite content to scrapbook with cardstock alone. A package of embellishments lasts a LONG time at my house. So I really wouldn't wish for more product, if money were no object. Here are some things that DO come to mind:

* Unlimited time to work on my scrapbooks...no other obligations, at least for a little while.
* Unlimited time to write the stories that are within me and need to be part of my scrapbooks.
* A beautiful, large space that inspires creativity...a center island, hardwood floors, built-in shelving and countertops, a big comfy chair to curl up in, floor to ceiling windows with a view of the woods or mountains....ahhh...
* A wellspring of creativity and mojo. I'd never be stuck for inspiration. Each page would be easy and flow from my fingertips. Ahhh....again.
* An endless supply of caramel lattes and Diet Coke, of course corralled in stylish cupholders because I spill regularly.
* A great sound system which would pipe in NPR continuously (or music from our CD collection when I choose).

Sounds great to me! Now let's see if DH reads my blog today!


ejmom said...

can i come scrap with you in your dream space? sounds heavenly!

Sofia said...

That sounds wonderful! :-) Would the caramel lattes be calorie free?

smkh1117 said...

Fabulous list! Gotta have the diet coke! Even with out the money I wish you boundless amounts of creativity!~

Sharon said...

Hmm, what would I wish for-
-more creativity
-an elf to clean the scrap room every night while I sleep
-all the QK fonts
-a chef to make my meals because I'm so busy creating
-a housekeeper to take care of all those chores
-another elf to finish my unfinished project pile.
OR table space at Janet's

Anonymous said...

Great list, Janet! I'm with Sharon about having the elf come in and clean . . . or maybe a nice-looking cabana boy to clean while I'm there working!