05 June 2006

Big Cat / Little Cat

This business of being a kitten mom is keeping me quite busy and unproductive. My tasks include chasing big cat and little cat around the house, making sure that the former does not eat the latter, playing with little cat, kissing little cat, wrapping little cat in blankets and holding her while she sleeps, going on cat litter patrol, and paying extra attention to big cat, to name a few. Of course, DD is sharing in these duties, as there is more than enough to keep both of us quite busy, but terribly unproductive with other tasks that probably need to be done.

I have determined that little cat is absolutely the fastest creature on the face of the planet. At first she seemed unable to negotiate our stairs, but now she literally FLIES up and down them, hitting just a few for good measure. All the while, danger lurks around each corner in the form of a growling and hissing, much larger tabby cat. I'm also sure, by the way, that Tinsel has somehow bulked up since the kitten has arrived. She seems quite burly by comparison.

Little cat is still unnamed. We have surely considered every kitten name and tried several to see how they fit. As of this writing, the top two contenders are Lily and Emma. Both seem to fit the sweet side of her personality. Yet she is as dare-devilish as she is dainty. Hopefully DD will settle on a name soon so little cat can begin learning it.

So this is all I have to report as of today. Just a lot of kitten business going on around here. Just cats. No cardstock. But all of it quite delightful.

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Janet's DD said...

Oh, she's definitely the fastest kitten ever! She doesn't sleep as often as she used to, either. That's not exactly a good thing. But I love her anyway! :-)

To announce her new name:

Lily Ginevra (Ginevra is her middle name, and of course the whole name is Harry Potter related!)