31 May 2006

Wood-Mounted Stamp Storage

Continuing my plan from last week, here's another organizational tip. This is how I have my wood-mounted stamps stored. I don't have a huge number of them since I really prefer acrylic, and I like to have them visible so I remember that I have them. This old box holds them perfectly. Right now, it sits at the back of my table against the wall. It could also be hung on the wall, but that would take considerably more effort!

Since this picture was taken, I've had to remove the green and pink foam leaf and shape stamps. Tinsel loves to chew anything made of foam, and she seeks out and destroys all foam-mounted stamps. She's even been known to open the small drawers on my scrapbooking table and pull out sheets of foam pop dots. I've found foam stamps and pop dots stashed in odd places, peppered with pointy cat teeth holes. I can pretty much tell by examining the evidence who is responsible!

Other than the Tinsel factor, this stamp storage system is another little organizational thing that makes me happy!


Candice said...

My cat luckily doesn't get into my paper or foam stuff.... but she loooooves playing with my ribbon. If I accidentally leave some ribbon hanging off the edge of my desk, she's right there batting at it and ripping it to shreds.

I finally resorted to taking some of my scraps that I wasn't going to use and tying them all into a ball-like thing and gave it to her to play with.

Jennia Hart said...

I have several cats but just one who is a scrapper's worst enemy. She loves plastic and ribbon. I have to be really careful to put things away or I find them shredded.

Cats, gotta love them!!

Sharon said...

When our cat was living, she would be next to me in the chair as I
x-stitched. She would watch the needle go up and down and bat at the floss. I miss both her and the x-stitching. I don't know what scrap supplies she would have gotten into, but I know she would have been in my scrap room looking for something.