13 May 2006

Good, Clean Fun

My folks surprised us with a new Maytag washer and dryer this week. Totally caught me off-guard. We'd been having a rather serious problem with the previous washer. Every time we used the warm or hot settings, most of the water would pour out of some unknown hole in the bottom of the washer, flooding the laundry room. Let me tell you, it is not easy to pull a semi-full washer out from the wall to mop up a mess, then push it back again. I hadn't even told my my folks that the dryer occasionally didn't heat up. But I've been coping with these issues for quite some time. Domestic chores are quite low on my list (if on the list at all).

Anyway, the new washer and dryer are, of course, beautiful and fully-functioning (no leaks and plenty of heat). The dryer even has a light in it! Remarkably, the washer does its thing with practically no water or detergent, a feat I'm still trying to understand. The dryer does almost everything except put the clothes away. But the control panels have so many buttons and lights that I feel like I'm piloting a jet plane. I've never had to make this many decisions related to my laundry.

We are all very grateful, if not still in shock. So I made my folks a little thank you card that looks like a washer. That, I CAN do.


kelly edgerton said...

That is the cutest card I've seen in forever. What a great way to thank your wonderful parents for such a fabulous gift. And YAY on the new washer and dryer. That is exciting.

Becca said...

Such great news for you!

And congrats on your new blog--watch out, though...it's addicting! : )


sharon said...

What a great gift from your parents. It reminds me of the stove that we received from my parents many years ago and also of the microwave that they thought I needed. How blessed we are to have thoughful, caring and loving parents.