22 May 2006

Clearly Organized

Ok, here's a new feature on my blog for anyone who might happen by! I love organizing, so each week I will try to share an organizational tip related to scrapbooking.

Yesterday I taught a class called "Mission Organization", so this topic is on my mind today. We discussed many options for organizing all kinds of scrapbooking tools and supplies. In preparation for this class, I gathered numerous photos, a few of which were from my own little scrapbooking corner.

This photo shows how my acrylic stamps are organized. I leave the stamps on the clear plastic carriers, then put them into empty CD cases. (I read this tip a long time ago on Two Peas.) The CD cases fit nicely into this rack, which I purchased at Target. I am planning to label the spines of the CD holders to identify the stamps contained in each...just haven't done that yet.

It's a little thing, but my acrylic stamp organizer makes me happy!

1 comment:

Sofia said...

That's a cool idea. TFS I might have to try it out. My scraproom is a huge mess right now and I need to figure out where to put things.