29 May 2006

In Praise of Sliding Glass Doors

Yesterday morning, the tiniest baby bunny hopped up onto our patio step, attracted by the smell of the scented geranium. With ears no more than an inch long and eyes as brown as a chocolate bar, he nibbled on a sprig found on the step. Such a sweet sight.

On the other side of the sliding glass door lurked the fattest tabby cat, attracted by the movement of the tiny bunny. With ears flattened and eyes flashing, she licked her chops and thumped her tail. Such a sweet bunny, she thought.

And for a few minutes, the would-be predator and would-be prey sat a mere inches apart. One oblivious and one acutely aware. Captured only by the camera.


Sharon said...

Fantastic photo, Janet. I have a baby squirrel that has been visiting my back deck, crawling into the flower box on the railing and digging in the dirt. He makes quite the mess. No fat tabby here to be wary of.

Maureen said...

Awww...cute photo! We have two cats and lots of bunnies in our yard too...so this is a common scene at our house too. It is so sweet to see the baby bunnies right now...such tiny ears and they hop so funny (they have to get used to those long legs, I think). Great photo capture!