04 May 2006

Things That Make Me Crazy: Volume 1

Ok, today’s post is going to be on the lighter side. Do you have pet peeves? I have a few, and the list is growing. For starters:

Crooked signage on buildings. If you really start to notice signs on buildings, you’ll see that sometimes the letters go uphill or downhill. I can think of several signs in my little corner of the world that are horribly misaligned. Now I know that hanging signs is probably not as easy as it looks, but for Pete’s sake, if hanging signs were my business, I’d do it right! The best example I can think of this is the signage on my daughter’s orthodontist office. The letters “t-i-s-t” go noticeably uphill. Now, why would I have confidence in their ability to straighten her teeth if even their signage is crooked? This makes me crazy!

Gone missing. Ok, what is the deal with this phrase? What has happened to the word “disappeared”? Now, instead of disappearing, everything “goes missing”. “The city of Cleveland is asked to be on alert for a tiger which has gone missing from the local zoo.” Gone missing? Now, this can’t be grammatically correct. Plus, it’s just a goofy thing to say. The word “disappear” has even gone missing! This makes me crazy!

White IPOD cords hanging from people's bodies. What is going on with this? Every time I look around, half of the people I see have white cords protruding from their ears and running down their abdomen. It looks like everyone is getting an IV drip. The IPOD website boasts headphone cord lengths of 37 inches. I'm not sure of the distance between the average IPOD user's ears and belt, but doesn’t 37 inches seem a little long? I guess not if you’re a middle school boy whose pants are so low-slung that your underwear shows. And that makes me crazy, too!

I could go on and on, but instead of being therapeutic, making this list just gets me all riled up. I’m going to take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths and move on.


Anonymous said...

You are much more observant than I!!!

The Smart One said...

So....no mention of "-ish" ???

Anonymous said...

When is Volume 2 going to be published?