05 June 2017

Garden Project Update

Last fall, I shared an update on the garden project I've been planning for some time. Long story short: The big re-do of my flower beds didn't happen last summer but we did complete some important "pre-work". With that out of the way, I had expected the crew to arrive by mid-May but unfortunately, we were pushed back on the schedule. I'm disappointed in the scheduling but am trying to keep a positive attitude!

This is a corner of one of the two large beds we'll be re-configuring. My plan is to re-use as much of the existing plant material as possible, dividing and moving some to better locations as needed. Then I'll be adding lots of new perennials to create a cottage garden type look. As you can see, the existing bed has not been weeded or tended to because it's soon to be completely re-done.

This narrow bed is a big mess but I haven't dealt with it because it's on the list to re-do. Some of the plants will stay but we'll also be adding in some Asiatic lilies.

 In the meantime, I've been focusing on my patio plants. The old grill cart we rehabbed last summer is filled with herbs and flowers. It's a good place for smaller pots and too high for the bunnies to reach!

 I planted quite a few patio pots of flowers, and this year I bought an actual patio tomato. It's doing great, and I'm hoping for more success than last summer. (Last year I bought a tomato plant that was supposed to be planted in the ground. It grew quite tall and became a little unwieldy!  Unfortunately, the tomatoes developed deep crevices and most had to be discarded.) 

The catnip plant is doing quite well. Lily and the neighbor kitty have both been enjoying it. 

My favorite planter this year is the bowl I have on the table. The old planter blew off the table in a storm last year and broke, so I replaced it with a similar one. The sun coleus is doing great!

Stay tuned for updates on the big garden project. If all goes as planned, the crews should be here next week. 

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