09 June 2017

Feline Friday: Hummingbird Obsession!

When Tinsel was sick, I started putting YouTube videos of birds on the TV (and my phone) to provide some distraction and comfort when I couldn't be with her. Of course, Lily had to get in on the action, and now she is addicted to YouTube!

Lily has no interest in squirrels or rabbits but she loves all the bird videos, and now that we've discovered hummingbirds, she is OBSESSED!

Lily waits in front of the TV for her "show" to come on. Then she watches until she falls asleep!
😊For your kitty's viewing pleasure, here are Lily's recommendations:

Paul Dinning wildlife videos for cats -- click HERE

Lily's favorite hummingbird video -- click HERE

Here's hoping you can enjoy a little nature with your kitty this weekend!

Happy Feline Friday!

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