27 June 2017

Garden Project: Finished Spaces

I'm back for the second part of my "finished" garden posts. I say "finished" because anyone who enjoys gardening knows that it's always a work in progress! But I'm very happy with how things look so far.

 We've had gloriously beautiful June weather since last week, which is a huge blessing because late June is not the best time to be splitting and moving perennials! The cooler weather (and evening rain!) has given the plants a bit of a cushion to get settled in to their new spots.

Here's a tour of the newly planted garden spaces, starting with this small area which doesn't look so great! There is a row of tropically colored Asiatic lilies along the fence. As you can see, they're very floppy because they were in bags past their normal planting date. The bulbs are in good shape but the plants may not do much this year. In the front are transplanted cranesbill geraniums which were seriously pruned back. They don't look great right now but I don't think you can kill them! On the left end of this bed is a small hydrangea bush. On the right is a Bowl of Cream peony, a first for me.

This second bed was expanded last summer, so much of the area in the photo below is new. This space includes a variety of new and transplanted perennials.

Stepping back from the area, you can see that the taller plants are toward the top of the slightly mounded bed. We split my massive clumps of liatris and spread them across this portion of the bed, along with a few other taller plants including a false indigo.

We split and moved sedum and iris along the back side of this bed.


I also have some butterfly bushes (small orange blooms below) and a new rose bush in this space. There are a few clumps of Lady's Mantle in shady areas toward the front of this bed.

This third bed was completely re-worked and I'm anxious to see how it does. The bright green plants at the bottom of the photo are lime coral bells which I hope do well in this spot.

 Near the center of this bed are Siberian iris, another new plant for me. We also added several clumps of cone flower to this area, including a new orange color for me -- Tiki Torch!

  This bed was also expanded last summer, so there was quite a bit more space to fill. Again, the larger plants were split and/or moved from their existing spots. On the corner is my largest pasque flower, which has now been split and moved to three different locations. It's a really interesting and beautiful flower so I hope it does well!

For now, I'm watering every day and keeping a watchful eye on all the transplants. I'm using deer repellent spray around the perimeters of the beds and so far, nothing has been eaten! 

I already have a few blooms and am looking forward to many more, as these are meant to be cutting gardens! :)

 The "new" garden space is so much fun and I'm enjoying all the birds and butterflies I've seen so far. I'm anxious to see how the plants progress over the summer!

Happy gardening!

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