30 September 2014

Update and a Banana Tip

 Gentle blog readers:  
You may (or may not) be wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth again. Although that sounds somewhat appealing (no banana pun intended!), I did not. Shocking as it may seem, we actually took a vacation! It was a much needed break. Of course, when one comes back from vacation, there is always a lot of catching up to do. So I've been busy doing that for the past few days.

I will share pictures from our trip in the coming days, but in the meantime, here's the best tip you'll probably ever read on my blog: 
How to slice a banana without a cutting board! 
  In fact, if you follow my instructions, the banana has its own BUILT-IN cutting board!

"WHAT??? Tell me more!"
Okay, I will! :)

1. Peel back only one "strip" of the peel. (Here's a bonus "Tip within a Tip": Always peel your banana from the BOTTOM end, not from the end with the long stem. It will peel perfectly every time!)

2. Slice the banana with a knife WHILE STILL IN ITS PEEL! 
I know...look how great this is! It is hard to contain my excitement at this step! Do you see how the peel is actually a built-in cutting board?

3. I do not have a picture of this step because I could not execute it AND take a picture at the same time! In Step #3 you'll invert your banana slices into a bowl by pushing on the peel under the slices. They'll pop right out!

 {Imagine there is a picture right here!}

4. Mix the slices into your yogurt or cereal or whatever! And yes, this is a Quaker Microwave Oatmeal Color-Changing Bowl. Don't be jealous. It is so old that it is permanently green. Any type of bowl will do for your lovely banana slices!

Now I don't know FOR SURE if I'm the first person on earth to invent this trick, but I kind of think I MIGHT be! Trust me, I eat a lot of bananas so am sort of an expert in banana peeling!

Try it! You'll get to eat your banana FASTER and have fewer dishes to wash! TA-DA!

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