16 September 2014


Every few months I have the very fun task of helping to put together our store newsletter. Our wonderful store owners provide content and then I put it into a ginormous Word document -- designing, editing, and formatting as we go. It's a little like giving birth. Lots and lots of effort...then finally it is done!

We just finished our latest newsletter, an 8-page holiday season edition with information about everything happening at the store from now through the end of the year.

I especially like my oversized monitor for working on the newsletter. It makes manipulating graphics and photos much easier.
Spouse gives me a hard time about having such a large screen, but it makes it easy to spot those extra spaces and missing commas!

 But when I'm working on big project like this, there's one thing even more important than a large screen: COFFEE. Lots of it! :)

Click HERE to see our latest newsletter!

1 comment:

Heather said...

The newsletter looks great! I'm envious of your monitor. At work I have two, and it's so handy! At home, I just have my small Macbook screen. I need to upgrade!