05 September 2014

Feline Friday: Napkin Bandit Strikes Again!

Last night I walked into the family room and plopped down on the couch to watch the news. After a few minutes, I heard a soft scratching sound coming from the kitchen. It sounded a bit like Tinsel (who was front-declawed when we adopted her) "sharpening" on the scratching post. But it continued for a very long time and, with Lily on the premises, one must always investigate unusual noises.

 Sure enough, I found Lily STANDING in the napkin basket, digging at high speed -- so fast that some napkins were on the table next to it. I could see that the napkins were a total loss, so I grabbed my phone and caught the Napkin Bandit in action.

Although this one is blurry, you can see that the Napkin Bandit is completely in THE ZONE, doing what Napkin Bandits do best!

But for what possible reason? To remove the napkins so she can sit in the basket? The Napkin Bandit's motives remain a mystery!
 And with that, the Napkin Bandit's work was done! Nothing left but a pile of shredded napkins...and her "signature" tail caught in the photo.
 In spite of the destruction she leaves behind, I love our little Napkin Bandit. :)

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Kristina Botts said...

I use the same Longaberger Berry basket for our napkins too! The one I use doesn't have handle and Tucker use to try and squeeze himself into the basket on top of the napkins. Our kittens do the strangest things!