12 February 2014

Grandma's Scratchers

 I've neglected my blog because we are making plans for my 102-year-old Grandma to move to a nursing home this week. She's sharp as a tack but it's time for a change, and we are relieved that she'll soon have round-the-clock care and supervision.

I could write a lot about my grandma but for today, I'd just like to share these pictures taken back in December. Grandma is known far and wide for her crocheted dish scrubbers made from netting. She has always wanted to show someone how to make her "scratchers" and we decided that my daughter, given her love of knitting, was the best candidate. Knitting and crocheting can't be THAT different, right? ;)

Grandma reports that Bailey was a good student, but Bailey said Grandma wasn't the greatest teacher! It seems that the 102-year-old teacher went a bit too fast for the 20-year old student at first. :)

But after a bit more study, she started to get the idea.

 Before making a scratcher, Bailey first had to remember how to crochet. Grandma watched while she got the hang of it.

Eventually Bailey was able to make a scratcher on her own, although it took her considerably longer than the 20 minutes Grandma needs!

You can see that Bailey's blue scratcher is bit more tightly crocheted than Grandma's. But I'm sure that in time, she'll get the hang of it.

I'm so glad that Grandma was able to pass on this tradition. Such a blessing.


Kristina said...

Cool! You could use those for facial wash pads. That's great that Bailey was able to learn from her.

Kimberly Marie said...

How wonderful that a family tradition such as this can be passed down, and memories will live on with the passing down of it! My daughter knew my great-grandmother for about 4 years of her life. To this day, she has vivid, specific memories of her, and I'm so glad!