07 February 2014

Feline Friday: Cereal Milk!

 It doesn't matter how quietly I open the refrigerator door or where I try to hide: If there is a bowl of cereal in my hand, I've got one or two kitties in competition for a tiny taste of the milk in the bottom of the bowl! 

On this particular day, I stealthily took my cereal up to my craft room in hopes of avoiding what you're about to see. But NO! Lily rousted herself from a deep sleep in the back of the closet and tracked me down! Take a look at her technique, perfected over hundreds of breakfasts...

First, The Staredown:

Next, The Reach:

 Then, The Hook -- she actually hooks her paw around the edge of the bowl and pulls it toward her!

 Sit down, Lily, while Mommy finishes her cereal! Lily complies, but only for a few seconds. During this brief pause I hastily gobble up the remaining bits of cereal because I KNOW what's coming!

As if on cue, the second attack begins:

 Her final tactic, The Stand:

Okay, Lily, I give up! Really, who could possibly say no to that soft tummy? And those precious white feet?


Kathy M said...

Love her technique!

Heather said...

My Sam used to do the same thing. Her brother, Beldar, just stares until I'm finished. Don't tell my hubby that I let him have the bowl though...I get in trouble! ;)