04 April 2013

Step by Step: Recyclable Easter or May Baskets

  We recently returned from a trip to visit our daughter at Indiana University. This was the first time we'd been able to see her on Easter since she's been in college, so I had the opportunity to take her an Easter basket instead of mail her an Easter box! 

Of course, I wanted to take a basket to her boyfriend, too. I've found that separate containers are best so that the candy gets distributed evenly! (Of course, I'm not naming any names here! LOL) Being mindful of limited space in their apartments, I wanted to create Easter baskets that could be recycled. I also challenged myself to make them from supplies I had around the house -- no shopping!

I started with pink and orange lunch bags I found in my stash, but any color would be fine. Honestly, the color of my shredded Easter grass dictated the colors of the baskets I created!

With a paper trimmer, I cut each bag down to about 3.5 or 4 inches tall.

Next, I found patterned paper and cardstock that would match the bags and Easter grass. I cut strips for handles and trim.

I placed a bit of Scor-Tape on the end of each handle strip, then adhered it to the inside of the bag.

 Next, I folded the patterned paper strips to fit around the bag then adhered them with tape adhesive. Suddenly, a paper bag became a basket!

I filled the baskets with Easter grass...

...then added tags with a monogram sticker letter for each one. Filled with candy, they made fun little recyclable Easter baskets! They held a surprising amount of candy, too. Of course, I had to eat what would not fit. :)
If you live in an area where the May basket tradition is practiced, it would be fun to make these paper bag baskets for May Day, too. They would also make easy, inexpensive favor bags for birthday parties. I love using up leftover supplies for projects like this!


Sarah Coggins said...

Great idea! Those are cute baskets and I bet they loved them. I made a similar basket for Dylan's first Easter. I mimicked one I had spotted in the Target ad but was too cheap to buy. ;) LOL

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter together!

Janet said...

That's adorable, Sarah! I'm with you...why spend the money when you can make something even cuter yourself! :) Thanks for stopping by!