19 April 2013

Feline Friday: A Trip to the Great Outdoors

 The weather has warmed up only slightly, but enough to make the kitties clamor for a stroll outside! They've both been meowing incessantly at the back door so on a recent "nice" day I decided that they could each go out for a walk and good brushing.

 Lily was happy because she got to go first. It had rained earlier in the day, but it was warm enough that I went barefoot for the first time this spring -- as evidenced by my toes in the picture!

I love watching Lily's little nose sniffing the air around her, taking in all of the outdoor scents. It was a very breezy day, and I wondered what she detected with that nose! Knowing her, it was probably McDonald's. :)

Being a strictly indoor "city cat", Lily much prefers the patio. She got a good brushing while she was on the patio and, although I groom her regularly, I think she lost about a pound of winter fur. She's ready for summer now!

 It's taken several outdoor excursions to get Lily comfortable in the grass, but she's still not sure what to think about it. She always leaves one paw in the UP position

 Here again, one paw UP!

 She finally decided she'd had enough of the grass. It's hard to walk around with one paw always UP!

The minute we went back inside, a fight broke out! Tinsel was standing at the back door, all excited to put on the collar and leash, but Lily would not relinquish it. "I got to go out FIRST!" she bragged.

When I finally got Tinsel all suited up, she could not have been more eager to go out. But the minute we stepped onto the patio, she absolutely freaked out about the wind and wanted to go back in. It was just like getting a child all bundled up to go play in the snow only to have her stay outside 30 seconds!
 It's OK, Tinsel! We'll try it again on a nice, calm day!

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