08 April 2013

Favorite Recipe: Salade Nicoise

 Spouse was gone for a few days recently, so once again I took the opportunity to make a few dishes that I enjoy, one of which is Salade Nicoise. He'll eat it but he doesn't love it, so why share it when it's SO GOOD? Check this post for my recipe. I only loosely follow it, this time adding eggs and leaving out the mushrooms.

  I had a few new potatoes left from another recipe, so I thought this salad would be a great way to use them up.

Since it's only April, the green beans I found at the grocery store left a little to be desired, but once steamed they tasted just fine.

 Hard-boiled eggs are a nice addition to this salad.

 Here's the completed salad! What a yummy lunch or dinner, and I still have some left! NO SHARING!

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