28 January 2013

Update: Recipe Organization Project

 Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to tackle the recipe clutter in our kitchen. I realize that when you look at the photos in this post, you may be completely underwhelmed with the results of my efforts, but believe me -- I've really made a dent in the recipe clutter. I'm not done yet, but I feel pretty good about my progress so far!

After assessing the situation (see my original post here), I first decided to relocate my recipe books to a cupboard where they'd be more easily accessible. They're now housed in a cupboard under our kitchen island where I don't have to climb on a chair to reach them. Makes sense, huh?

I have WAY too many recipe books, so I looked through them all and (believe it or not) set aside an entire box to donate to our local Planned Parenthood Book Sale. (If memory serves me, I bought some of them at the sale in the first place!) I could probably get rid of a few more, but many of the books I kept have sentimental value (in addition to good recipes!) so for the time being, they're staying. In the new cupboard, I have two shelves instead of one which makes them much more accessible. Heck, I might even USE them now! :)

Many years ago, I went to a library sale and bought some metal magazine files. Over the years, we've used them for a few different purposes. Now I've put one file to work organizing the small recipe pamphlets that go with various kitchen appliances.

But the best part is this: My 3-ring recipe binders. I had been using a single binder with 8.5x11 sheet protectors for all the recipes I find online or tear out of magazines, but it was too full to accommodate the piles of recipes I've accumulated in recent years. Since I like this system, I decided to expand it to include multiple binders. I split up the recipes from the original binder into several, adding in all of the new recipes I'd kept but never filed. Now I can find recipes easily and have room to add to each category.
 The insides of the binders are very simple: Just 8.5x11 sheet protectors with full page or partial page recipes slipped inside. No frills -- just practical, accessible recipes.

The next phase of this project will be to take apart my recipe boxes and move the cards into divided sleeves which will fit into these binders. Stay tuned! 

P.S. Yes, my binders are labeled "NOM NOM NOM". That tells you that I'm a serious cook. HA!

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