22 January 2013

January Project: Conquer Recipe Clutter

The New Year always ignites my desire to ORGANIZE and this year is no different. I'd really like 2013 to be the year that I FINALLY conquer the clutter in this house. It seems that all I do is organize the clutter then just add to it. I don't actually GET RID of much. That needs to change this year!

Any organization guru will tell you to start small with one closet, drawer, or shelf, so I've chosen this cupboard which houses my MESS of recipe books. First, I'll be paring them down to a more reasonable number, since these days I seem to use very few of them anyway. In addition to these books, I have a couple of recipe card files which need to be tackled and converted into a better system. 

And do you see that stack of papers? It's a pile of recipes I've printed out from websites or torn out of magazines. I've now sorted through it and kept only the recipes I think I will actually try. Awhile back I started storing my printed recipes in a 3-ring binder and it's been working quite well, so I plan to expand that system to include all of those printed recipes.

 Stay tuned for more information on this project. I've got a stack of page protectors and 3-ring binders ready to go! The completed system may not be fancy, but I hope it's practical and helps to tame the recipe clutter around this place!


Judy said...

I attacked my printed recipe pages during the holiday break. I too used a 3 ring binder and put tabs for different categories to help me get them better organized. I also tossed those that I knew I would never try. It felt good to get that project done..but there are still lots of things I can tackle in regards to getting organized. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

Good for you, Judy! I've really found the binders to be great. Can't wait to get going on this project...the first of many, I hope! Good luck with your organizing projects!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that's what I did a month or so too! I put my recipe cards into one of those old fashioned magnetic photo albums that are supposed to ruin all your photos. They're hard to find now! And I know they're horrible, but that's how my mom has always had hers and I just like how much easier it is to use.