11 January 2013

Feline Friday: Puffballs lost and FOUND!

Lily has been obsessed with puffballs for years now. She carries them around in her teeth, chases them wildly, and even catches them like baseballs. (If you don't believe that last part, here's a link to her video!) 

From time to time, we've had to replenish her supply, as they tend to disappear in nooks and crannies around the house. In fact, Lily has lost so many puffballs that back in 2010, Santa brought her a bag of 100. Santa was sure that such a large bag would last a long, long time. After all, how could Lily possibly LOSE 100 puffballs?

Fast forward to 2012: IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOSE 100 PUFFBALLS. Out of the 100 puffballs in that bag, only a couple were still in her toy box. 

Then one day over Christmas break, Bailey found Lily feverishly trying to reach something under the oven. We pulled out the heavy oven drawer and sure enough....it was PUFFBALL BINGO!!! 

Lily is now back in Puffball Heaven. As for me, I guess I should clean under the oven more often, at least for Lily's sake! :)


Fonda said...

Love this story. Puffball Bingo, now that sounds fun! Eh, who ever looks under the stove, except at your house!
I'll have to see if our Zorro like's puffballs. He likes Q-Tips.

Janet said...

haha Fonda, I remember you saying that he likes Q-Tips! Too cute!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that's what it was like when I moved! Except instead of puffball bingo it was tampon bingo, whatever furniture I moved.