04 October 2012

Craft Room = Project Central!

 I've had a number of projects in the works lately! I've been up to my ears in some contract paper crafting work and will continue to be very busy for another couple of months. My "new" crafting space has been getting a real workout!

 I've also been teaching a lot of classes which, of course, involves a fair amount of prep work. Last week I finished the second of two stamping classes in which we made 13 cards in one class. The class went very well and everyone left with 13 completed cards!

 This week, I'm teaching the first session of my Halloween mini-album class. I love Halloween and am very excited about this project!
 Even thought it's a "mini" album, there's a lot involved in the project -- lots of die cuts, text, and other fun details.

Next week, Katie and I will finish up another batch of kits for our annual Christmas card classes. It's Project Central around here, and I'm SO glad I took the time to re-do my craft area. Having a great space to work has made all the difference.

Last week I decided to take the plunge and buy a stool (not pictured) and this little cart at World Market. As you can see, Lily jumped up in it right away -- before I'd even taken off the tag! I think she was surprised when it rolled a bit! This cart provides a bit more horizontal space for containers, and it can go anywhere in the room. I love it!

And now, back to work!

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