16 October 2012

Call Me a Tree Hugger

It's a sad day at our house. We're losing three huge trees from our back yard, including the tree you see at the left of this photo. It's too close to the house. The other two are pines which are diseased and crowding their neighbor trees. I can live with the loss of the pines, but I'm having a hard time losing the locust tree. Sure, it litters the yard with pods every fall but for many years, it has provided shade to my flower bed and habitat for birds and squirrels.

I had planned to be gone on this sad day, but we're having some work done inside the house and I can't leave. As a result, I can hear the buzz of the chain saws and the rumbling of the wood chippers. It's gut-wrenching.

I've had plenty of opportunity to speak my mind on this issue, and I have. My head understands the reasons why the tree needs to come down, but my heart hurts to see it go. In life, the heart sometimes has to take a back seat to the head. I wish this weren't one of those times.

So today I feel sad. I have the right to feel that way. Call me a tree hugger. I'd be honored.


Heather said...

I totally understand! The power company cut down one of our huge shade trees (it shaded our back porch) a few years ago because it was too close to a transformer. I was so upset!!

Daisy said...

That is very sad. Maybe you can pick a new, beautiful young tree and watch it grow up.