11 October 2012

Late Nights in the Craft Room

 I've had several late nights recently (is 1 AM considered late? I think so!), up working on projects. Fortunately I almost always have some company while I'm working.

Good thing I got an ottoman! It's a great place for a kitty to perch. It must be comfortable, too, because fights frequently break out to see who gets to sit on it! Lily won this time.

Here's a cat's eye view of my somewhat messy desk area. Notice the white cord strung across the floor? We've got router issues, so this is how it needs to be until we figure out something better. I'll put up with a white cord for internet speed! 

On another note, I LOVE my green chair! The first week I had it, my feet went to sleep because it's just a little bit taller than I was used to. But now I've adjusted to it and love it. It's very soft and comfortable.

I recently added a few die cut flowers to my small glass-topped table. At some point, I may put patterned paper under the glass, but for now this is the right amount of color and pattern for me.

Here's a photo of the great new (but old-looking!) stool I also bought at World Market to use at the small table. I'd been holding out for a real vintage stool but couldn't find one the right height. This one was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but it was exactly what I was looking for -- and I was tired of searching everywhere with no results. In addition to the industrial look of it, I love the fact that the seat swivels up and down to adjust the height!

 One thing I have struggled with in my "new" space is the lack of horizontal surfaces. I used to have space in my Target cubes for displaying containers but now I've filled each cube with canvas cubbies. I thought about another shelving unit but didn't want to clutter up the relatively clean feel of the room with more wall pieces. When I found this little industrial cart at World Market, it seemed to fill the bill -- and it spoke to me! :) It gives me the horizontal space of a small shelving unit, and it wheels around and fits under either of my tables, so it doesn't take up any additional space in the room. It now houses some basic tools, embellishments, and a container of border punches.


  I love my "new" space so much that I don't mind the late nights! In fact, I have so much fun working in the space that I never even notice the time!

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Heather said...

It's looking great! I love the die cut flowers you added to your table. They're perfect!