17 May 2012

Thankful Thursday

Here are just a few things I'm thankful for right now, during the month of May:

Flowers blooming and ready to be picked! This is one advantage of the early spring. I don't think I've ever had bouquets this early!

I picked a bouquet similar to this one to take to my 100 year old grandma on Mother's Day. We're thankful we still have her in our lives! And of course I'm thankful for Tinsel and constant her companionship, moody as she may be. :)

 Our daughter is HOME and we LOVE having her here! Who knows how many more summers we'll have with her, so we're trying to enjoy every single minute. And of course I'm also thankful for Lily and all the joy she brings to our lives each day.

And our daughter occasionally cooks! I'm very thankful for that. What a treat!

I'm also thankful for the painting assistance I've been getting. My crafting/office space is a complete disaster, but at least I can see progress now. I'm extremely thankful for that!
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