02 May 2012

Craft Room Progress

 I can only stand so much chaos! In the middle of umpteen creative projects, I decided to paint my craft area. I figured that if I waited for the ideal time it would never happen, so I decided to just jump in and do it. But the visual clutter was making me completely crazy so I finally decided to move more stuff out of the room. Besides that, I could no longer walk around the space -- and moving the ladder was becoming increasingly cumbersome.

 So now most of what was in my scrap room is in the guest room. Hope we don't have any guests for awhile... unless they enjoy scrapbooking!

 The timing of this operation is less than ideal, because Bailey will be coming home from college in a couple of days with a dorm room full of STUFF. It's obviously not going to land in the guest room like it did last summer!

 I need to go through a SERIOUS editing process before taking this stuff back into the craft room once the flooring is installed. I'm going to be very attentive to both FORM and FUNCTION. In other words, it needs to be useful to me AND fit with my color scheme in order to go back into the room! If it doesn't match, it must be hidden from view. I shall be ruthless about that!

(And don't tell Spouse, but the guest room is next on my list. If I survive this project, that is!)

 So with a lot more stuff moved out, the craft room looks a BIT less cluttered. As you can see, there is a fair amount of space in this room. In addition to what you see, there is a large walk-in closet (although you can't begin to walk into it right at the moment) with shelving. Much of that closet is devoted to my daughter's old school papers. Serious work needs to occur in there this summer, but for now I'm just leaving the door SHUT!

The painting is progressing very slowly. The window wall has been treacherous and needs two more coats of paint. And of course, in spite of my taping program, I've managed to get a fair amount of Behr New Chestnut on the white ceiling. All of those spots will need to be fixed.

I initially thought I was going to have to acquire a valance, but I've changed my mind now. While they're not perfect, I'm much happier with the blinds since I painted the boards they are hanging from. The unfinished wood was really an eyesore! Now that this problem is fixed, I'm not going to worry much more about that window. That's a good thing for everyone because I'm a disaster with a sewing machine!

This is my inspiration fabric. I have had it for at least three years now...waiting for this moment! I love this fabric because it incorporates my favorite avocado green color, plus brown AND black -- and it's STRIPED! Everything in the room much match this fabric! 

Spouse doesn't know it, but I'll be painting the desk black -- forest green will not be allowed! I don't know what I'll be doing with the fabric yet -- especially since I don't sew. I only have a small amount, so I may coerce my daughter (who actually DOES sew) into making some throw pillows.

I'm finally making some progress in the space and can't wait to finish this step. Hopefully with Bailey home in a few days, I'll be able to enlist her help and the painting will go a bit faster!
This craft room overhaul is long overdue. If I can achieve what's in my mind, it's going to be great!

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