21 May 2012

Planter Progress!

Slowly but surely I am getting on top of my gardening projects. My immediate goal last week was to finish planting my patio pots, a task I wasn't able to get to earlier in the month. 

Last summer, I planted more patio pots than I had in the past and really enjoyed the extra color, so I decided to do that again. I bought plants for nine pots and herbs for three. Although the nurseries were a bit picked over, I did manage to find some really nice plants. They seem to be off to a good start.

I also happened upon a perennial plant sale at someone's home, so I picked up a few hostas to plug holes in my garden areas. I still have some problems to fix in my flower beds, but at least the hostas helped fill in some of the gaps. A gardener's work is never done!

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