15 March 2012

Signs of Spring 2012

In yesterday's post, Tinsel was looking out the window for signs of spring. Judging from these photos from around our yard this week, I think spring is officially here -- much, much earlier than usual!

If you click on the collage, you'll see a few glimpses of the change in seasons:

* Sedum, sedum, and more sedum popping up in my flower beds
* Newly emerged daylilies -- the tops already chomped by hungry bunnies
* Phlox and hyacinth tips 
* Freshly scrubbed patio pots
* Got plant markers?
* Garden hose on the ready
* My 1,000 pound mushroom-themed bird bath (found last year on the curb) ready to be cleaned and filled

Seeing these signs of springs makes me look forward to a new season of gardening adventures!

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