16 March 2012

Feline Friday: She's BACK!

 We've all been having a great time with Bailey here for spring break. Of course, Lily has been enjoying as many free rides as she can get!

 In just a couple of short days, Bailey will be going back to school and Lily will have to ride around on my back, which somehow isn't quite as fun...for either of us! :)


KrissyB said...

I love these pictures of Bailey and Lily. I used to give rides to my cat, Muffy, this same way when I was growing up. These little things in life will someday be the big things we remember. How fun!!

Linda said...

Very cute! How come we don't see the photos of you giving Lily a ride? :)

Janet said...

Krissy -- So true about those little things in life! Lily's the only kitty I've had that would ride like this. Too cute that your Muffy did the same thing!

haha Linda, because I'm the one with the camera! Haven't quite figured out how to photograph myself is such a position!! lol

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very cute!