30 March 2012

Feline Friday: Lily's Trip to the Outside

 In last week's post, Tinsel enjoyed a "romp" around the patio while Lily waited not so patiently inside. Next it was Lily's turn to explore NATURE!

Wow, I l luv dis NATUR, Mom! It's just liek on my burds an squrls videeo! 

  The sun had warmed the patio, making it warm. Of course, Lily will never pass up a warm spot.

Soon it was time to explore more nature, so I walked her over to the grass.

Lily is such a city girl! She hates the feel of grass on her feet! Notice the little back toes all spread apart. 

Nope, not likeen dis grass, Mom!
Owie! Not likeen dis mulch eithur, Mom!
I think I'll stand on da patio an just LUK at dis natur, okai?


Dawn said...

Janet, I know you like owls too and found a couple of websites I thought you needed to see if you didn't know about them... Dawn Walton



Janet said...

OH, my gosh, Dawn! What awesome websites! Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by! Hope to see you one of these days!

Kristina said...

Poor Lily...having to endure an outside trip. :) Ours think they want to go, but they don't hang outside long before they are ready to come in again.