23 March 2012

Feline Friday: A Trip to the OUTSIDE!

 With the nice weather we've been having, Tinsel and Lily have been begging to go outside for a "walk". They each received new collars from Santa, and they've been anxious to try them out! 

There was a brief incident at the patio door while Lily came to terms with the fact that Tinsel was going out first. "Me first, you little twerp!"

Once outside, Tinsel was alarmed at the locust pods which have accumulated around the edges of the patio. After she determined the coast was clear, we could continue with our "walk" around the back yard.

Meanwhile, Miss Grumpy Drawers sulked at the patio door, waiting for her turn.

Tinsel's main objective when she goes outside is to nibble on grass or garlic chives. This time she found some LILYTURF to sample. She seemed to think it was a pretty tasty way to take out her frustrations. CHOMP. I'm guessing it had something to do with the NAME.

Of course, I don't let Tinsel eat grass or plants because she immediately gets sick when we go back inside. So she settled for sniffing the mulch instead.

Oh, there's that tasty LILYTURF again. NOM NOM NOM...

Lily, fed up with waiting, finally plopped down on the kitchen floor. "Sheesh, is she EVER going to get done so I can go out???"

"FINEEE! I'll let you take a turn, Miss LILYTURF!"

"Why is she calling me that, Mom?"

Next time: Pictures of Lily's trip to the outside.


Desire Fourie said...

Maaaawww, I just love this photo journal and trust that both of them had a good old stroll outside.

Linda said...

Your kitties always make me smile. I hope they enjoyed their time outside.

Kristina said...